Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is our vision?

To increase Green Cover,Reduce Global warming,check climate change,convert brownland to greenland.

2.What is our mission?

Target based planting trees in Government schools,Colleges,Hospitals,Administrative places,Road Sideways,public places etc.

3.What are our upcoming events?

 Planting 200 trees in Government High School,P.Kotakonda village of Kurnool district,A.P on 17/1/2019.

4.How to get full time membership?

we will update a link soonly.

5.How to be a part-time volunteer?

online - will put a google form link for the events

offline - manual registration at the time of event

6.How do we raise funds for the projects?

online - through and paytm

offline - manual contributions from students and interested people.

events - conducting marathons,awareness programs,events etc

7.How do we raise awareness?

Through articles,blogs,news, conducting marathons,awareness videos, programs,events etc 

8.Is this initiative confined to only Andhra Pradesh?

No,this initiative will be throughout India in future.

but, initially  - in only kurnool,A.P

        then     - 4 districts(Rayalaseema)

        next     -  A.P and  Telangana

        later     - other states